Tiger Willy

"Ocelot in the Alley"

Tiger Willy wears the Leopard print Charlie by Matthew Zink thong in this steaming shoot by Jack N' Thacox for and exclusively on jacknthacox.com

Tiger Willy looking hot wearing just a leopard print thong

Tiger Willy poses in a leopard print thong on porch steps with peeling paint.

Tiger Willy is up against the wall, pulling his thong down slightly.

Tiger Willy has a tattoo on his chest and wears nothing but a leopard thong and a necklace

Tiger Willy's hot hairy bubble buttTiger Willy smirks softly, wearing only a thong leaning on the old steps of a porch.

Tiger is smiling and looking down, his arm raised above his head showing off his blonde armpit hair

A close up of Tiger's leopard print thong, a diamond ring is worn on his right hand.

Tiger Willy has curly blonde hair and hazel eyes, in this photo set "Ocelot in the Alley", he wears only a leopard print thong and a necklace.

Tiger peers through the bannister mischievously