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Volume 2

"American Rag"


5 original artworks from the pages of American Rag.

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American Rag is static on the radio

in a hot car with sand on your feet coming from the beach.

American Rag is the feeling of hot tanned skin

kissed by a warm Summer breeze.

Jack N' Thacox


Palm Palace

Savannah, Georgia

Down the Road

See never before released images in Jack's follow-up self-published booklet, "American Rag", available today.

Volume 2




Who is Jack N' Thacox?

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Jack N' Thacox is a craftsman with a flair for playful nostalgia boasting a background in illustration and design out of Savannah, GA. Jack brings an unparalleled level of detail to his most recent project, "American Rag", a collection of thematic merchandise inspired by vintage gay erotica. Jack utilizes a passion for story telling and an interest in print materials to redefine offline.


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